REC Program

Showcase your support for renewable energy with the Northern Electric Cooperative REC Program.

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Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Program

Northern Electric Cooperative has Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) available for purchase to offset electric use with 100% renewable energy. Northern Electric is making those credits available to members through the REC Program.

The electricity co-op members receive will still be the same reliable and affordable energy they have always received from the co-op. Businesses can add value to their products or services and showcase their support for renewable energy by participating in the REC Program.

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

  • 1 MWh (megawatt hour) produced by a renewable energy source equals 1 REC
  • RECs are also called green tags
  • RECs represent the valuable renewable attributes of wind, solar, and renewable energy

How much does it cost?

$1 per MWh (megawatt hour)

For Example: If a member uses 1,200 kWh of electricity per month, the REC Program would add $1.20 plus tax to the monthly bill.

Northern Electric members can also offset a certain percentage of their electric use with renewable energy by participating at different levels of the REC Program.

  • 100% Participation = $0.0010 per kWh used
  • 75% Participation = $0.00075 per kWh used
  • 50% Participation = $0.00050 per kWh used
  • 25% Participation = $0.00025 per kWh used

Does a REC Program participant need to purchase any special equipment?

No, Northern Electric Cooperative will continue to fulfill all the electric needs of the participant so they can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy.

Where do the RECs come from?

The RECs come from several wind, solar, and recovered-heat generation projects in the region that supply renewable energy to Northern Electric. These include, but are not limited to:

Wind Resources

South Dakota

North Dakota



Solar Resources

***REC's are also generated by several recovered energy generation (waste heat) projects throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota. 

How do I sign up for the REC Program?

Signing up for the REC Program is simple. Northern Electric consumers who would like to participate simply need to call the office at 605-225-0310 and speak with a member services representative. Members who wish to participate in this voluntary program must fill out a simple one-page agreement to enroll.

How do I promote the REC Program?

Northern Electric Cooperative can provide members with yard signs, window clings, and certificates of participation so REC Program participants can showcase their support of renewable energy to neighbors and customers. Businesses can take advantage of these marketing materials and add value to their products and services by telling their customers that they are powered by 100% renewable energy.